3 dicas essenciais para encontrar filmes.

contas premium
contas premium

1 – Diferentes Arquivos

Arquivos MKV: Esta é a escolha dos usuários que querem  filmes com qualidade máxima, não importando o tamanho do arquivo.

Arquivos MP4: Quem quer o equilíbrio entre qualidade e compactação normalmente escolhem o MP4 mas, ainda, é pouco popular perto do AVI.

Arquivos AVI: Sua codificação é DivX ou XviD (alta compactação mas com perdas) para vídeo e geralmente MP3 para áudio, tem qualidade média de vídeo.

Arquivos RMVB: Arquivos pequenos ideais para quem possui internet de baixa qualidade.

O melhor formato é aquele que é adequado às suas reais necessidades.

É imprescindível ter instalado os Codecs corretos para exibição dos filmes e as  legendas um ótimo é o K-lite Mega Codec Pack.

2 – Filmes. Como encontrá-los.

As opções várias , procure no Google, mas é seguro? Qual fonte é confiável? Como me livrar de sites com vírus, trojans, etc…?

  1. Filmes Legendados: Comece a busca pela Legenda; o site Legendas.tv é o ponto de partida. Por exemplo, ao procurar pelo Filme Genius ou O Mestre dos Gênios e baixar o arquivo .rar da legenda, ao abrí-lo encontrará 14 legendas diferentes, escolha aquela que melhor atende às suas necessidades. Para encontrar o filme você usa estes próprios nomes das legendas e faz uma busca no Google. Alguns sites para procurar filmes: refinfo.info – freshrls.net – rlsbb.co – wrzcraft.net
  2. Filmes dublados: Para encontrar um filme dublado o melhor é procurar pelo seu nome em português no Google, outras boas opções são buscas em alguns Blogs e Fóruns. Tais como: elitedosfilmes.com – themediafire.com – baixarfilmesfull.org – modfilmes.com

Fique atento nas informações sobre a qualidade dos arquivos, é fácil identificá-las observado o exemplo abaixo:

Título Original: Suicide Squad

Direção: David Ayer


Gênero :Ação / Aventura / Comédia

Qualidade: BDRip

Audio: 10

Vídeo: 10

Formato: AVI + RMVB

Idioma: Português e Inglês

Legenda: no .rar

Observando o exemplo sabemos que a qualidade é boa pois é um BDRip, com áudio e vídeo com qualidade 10.

3 – Contas Premium.

Com uma Conta Premium você não perde tempo, baixa todas as sequências ininterruptamente do seu filme favorito para fazer uma maratona com seus amigos sem espera, captcha ou propagandas chatas… Para escolher suas Contas Premium considere:

a. Confiabilidade: Prefira servidores estáveis e com bom tempo de mercado.

b. Diversidade: Observe onde estão os Filmes da fonte que está usando para encontrá-los. Ou seja, há mais arquivos em qual servidor?

c. Compra segura: Tenha sempre cuidado ao comprar pela internet, como dito anteriormente, prefira serviços estáveis, com tempo de mercado e bom preço.Uma ótima opção é o Mundo Premium.


I am going to be Father

Learn to change your child’s diaper.

The Course I am going to be Father prepared these essential tips to make the task of changing diapers something super simple and without any mystery, prepared by the

Men are afraid to change diapers, it is normal the insecurity at the beginning due to lack of experience, but nothing to worry about.

First of all, prepare yourself.

You should wash your hands thoroughly and make sure everything you need is at your fingertips, never leave the baby alone to fetch anything.

The exchanger should always be in a safe place, there should be no risk of falling, everything should be close: warm water, cotton, rash ointment, clean diaper and trash can. It’s all right, let’s change.

Following is a step by step to change the baby’s diaper.

  1. Prepare it.

a. Open the diaper.

b. Lift the baby’s legs and fold the diaper down.

c. Remove excess dirt with the dirty diaper.

  1. Sanitize it.

a. Clean the baby very well to avoid rashes and infections.

b. Use warm water and cotton, then dry well.

c. At greater risk of contracting bacteria, girls should always be cleaned from front to back.

d. Wipes are not ideal because they leave the baby wet and cause allergy, this option should be only for emergencies.

e. I’m going to be a dad

  1. And then replace it.

a. Remove the dirty diaper underneath the baby and put the clean one.

b. Do not forget that the diaper should already be open, in the correct position, check the diaper first.

c. Be sure to rinse the ointment against rash, especially in areas where the diaper elastics will be in contact with the baby’s skin.

d. When closing the diaper, be careful not to over tighten the baby’s belly.

e. Throw away the dirty diaper.

I Will Be Father

Other Course Tips I’m Going To Be Father.

Leave several diapers around at first because it’s a little tricky and if you mess it up or bend the tapes wrongly, you’ll need to have another hand.

It is advisable to have a change of clothes nearby, it may be that some dirt or some unforeseen small happen.

Have close the baby’s favorite toy might be useful to distract him.

Boys usually pee during the changeover, avoid being a victim of the jet by placing a folded cloth diaper.

It is very simple but, on a daily basis, complications can occur, the baby can cry, move a lot and try to escape. Keep in mind that perfection always comes with practice, there should be no panic, early exchanges may not be easy, but surely you will develop a technique that will work well with your baby.

Find the helpful tips and want to know more about caring for the little one?


Caio Fábio Exclusive

caio fabio exclusivo antes de tudo reconexão

The Caio Fábio Exclusivo course is taught by the Pastor and Psychoanalyst Caio Fábio, the video lessons are taught in 3 modules and made available daily in the members area, which is exclusively for subscribers.

The 3 modules of Caio Fábio Exclusivo.

I. Reconnection in God
II. Reconnection in itself
III. Reconnection between us.

The Caio Fábio course meets the needs of all students who can propose questions, live lessons are held in exclusive webinars.

The goal is to get the subscriber to achieve a life full of meanings, releasing each of guilts and neuroses, and developing healthy relationships in all areas of life.

This is Caio Fábio:

He has written hundreds of books and is recognized in Brazil and internationally, created the non-religious movement “Path of Grace”, Pastor Caio Fábio is a model of meaning: “Follow the teachings of the Gospel without religion.”

The psychoanalyst Caio Fábio also has an online TV program that works 24 hours a day with a live program, more than 100 thousand followers on Facebook, and all your videos on Youtube reach thousands of views.

Doubts? Read some opinions:

The views of Caio are a little dramatic and satisfactory to the ears, but will they satisfy the change of a non-repentant heart. We need to be very attentive to some teachings and to know well the history of the one who teaches. Edimo Santana Ed Dûû Corte I am very grateful to have met Fabio Fábio and I have learned a lot from his clarifications. Thank you, pastor. GOD IS WITH YOU. Goddess Maravalho Truth … I agree with your teachings I fall and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ said “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” And a man only converts himself to Christ when he stops being hypocritical and wishes to know and live the Gospel of Christ … !! God bless Caio and keep using you … !!! Amen. Luiz Carlos Dos Santos This man who is one of the greatest critics of pastors one day was a pastor, today he is an effeminate homosexual, without a mocking character, an envious impostor, he has never seen a single miracle in his preaching. Valdinar Correa I am odorando to listen to the Caio Fabio, I think in this line regarding the spirituality I could not stay in any church disagreed of these preachings of the majority of the shepherds. Thank you Lord Jesus for the life of Caio Fabio.Caio I am in love with you I love smart people. Come to Paraíba Elvira Bezerra

Watch free videos.

The Caio Fábio Course relies on the quality it possesses and in this way provides several free videos with its sermons. To access the videos click on the link below:

Caio Fábio Pictures



21 day diet

Practices for achieving your goals for the year 2017.

Karina Picon, a writer and psychologist, talks about how to achieve goals, avoid discouragement, always carrying out activities with discipline, perseverance and, especially, leaving behind the comfort zone.

Every beginning of a new year, all people stipulate various goals, to lose weight, to do physical activity, to change of car, to study, to approach much more of the family among many other objectives, but in reality, little, effectively is performed.

Goals, whether professional, family, or even loving, no matter what areas they belong to, should be put on paper and there must be a deadline to be met. The year 2016 has passed, you are, at this moment betting in 2017 and with that should change your attitudes.

For the changes to leave the paper and to be put into practice, discipline and perseverance is necessary, besides leaving the comfort zone, and this is not always so simple and easy. Some research shows that changes in habits require at least 21 uninterrupted days of insistence before a change can actually occur.

Why the 21 day diet?

Our tendency is to give up immediately on the first difficulty, and for this we have all kinds of justifications already ready. This behavior is a self sabotage, it is behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that keeps us rooted in a routine of failures, of unsatisfactory behavior.

Change takes work, requires action from the inside out, but sometimes the external aspects are much stronger than we, our behavior are defined by attitudes taken and attitudes not taken.

We need to know where we want to go in order to reach the goal – “Example: If you want to save money, you need to know how much you want to save, and how much time you will need to save, so you know what financial reorganization is needed to achieve the goal. , Everything gets loose, lost, being much harder to reach the goal and achieve your dream.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s the same way you plan to do it! Staying in shape and taking care of health, with this stipulated goal, you should seek out an efficient method and put into practice.

This method is without any doubt the 21 day diet.

Set realistic goals that are achievable and never unattainable goals. Take this example, you intend to lose 10 pounds per month, to achieve this goal while preserving your health, you need to rely on a tried and tested method to achieve the goal. Otherwise it is not indicated.

Without proper help, you become discouraged and tend to deviate from the initial project. Remember that relapses are part of the process, do not be disturbed with them, go back to your goal outlined the next morning, always believe in yourself, have discipline and perseverance, live one day at a time, do not let anxiety Dominate and negatively influence your purpose for transformation.
Prioritize your goals, each one should prioritize what suits you best. “Each person prioritizes their goals inspired by their values ​​and life history, from the education they received.” The importance is attached to the values ​​you give to certain aspects. Right or wrong, there are different goals, but they are neither more nor less important.