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Diabetes is a disease that is closely related to people’s eating habits. “It is important to have a balanced diet, high in fiber and also continue uninterruptedly close to the amount of carbohydrates of food to finish that does not exceed the recommendation newspaper,” guides dietitian Nicole Trevisan of ADJ Diabetes Brazil.

It is as it comes that alone no food does miracle, however in a balanced diet small number of can promote abundant benefits for those with diabetes. We talked to experts and we also list 10 vitualhas that are diabetic allies!

In general, all these people have a subordinate glycemic index, which is the brevity with which glucose enters the organization. Groceries with high glycemic indexes are not usually targeted at those who harbor diabetes because they raise the blood glucose quickly and also in turn lead to insulin spikes, precisely the hormone that diabetics find difficult to produce. Unable to suck glucose properly, it remains in the bloodstream and is also likely to lead to complications such as oxygenation of vessels.

See the benefits of avocado, oats, deep-sea fish, yogurt without fats, almonds, legumes, flaxseed, chia, potato yacon and also functional flours.


Avocado is a great manna for people with diabetes. This is because this is rich in monounsaturated fats and also covers polyunsaturated fats, both good fats for health. “Avocado, like other monounsaturated fats such as oil, nuts, nuts, helps insulin resistance and also prevent cardiovascular disease, the opposite of saturated fats,” explains Nicole Trevisan, MD, of ADJ Diabetes Brazil.

A search published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has subsequently concluded reviewing several studies that monounsaturated fats are beneficial to the diet of which shelters diabetes genus of 1 and also 2.
The study found that this food helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol, LDL, and also increase the good, HDL, which is great for diabetics who shelter greater tendency to develop cardiovascular complications. The demand also noted that the time consumed in moderate amounts, monounsaturated fats do not favor the benefit of weight in people with controlled diabetes. Try to ingest in the supreme four tablespoons of avocado in the day, because this delicacy is quite caloric. Diabetes Program Mastered.


Oatmeal is a prime mana for those who harbor diabetes type 2, this is because it is rich in soluble fiber. “This nutritional helps to decrease the brevity of glucose suction, which will prevent glucose peaks. Item, this also controls the aspiration of cholesterol, “explains nutrologist Roberto Navarro.

A search published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reviewed fifteen studies and also concluded that the consumption of fibers by people with diabetes level 2 helps to reduce the brevity of the glucose suction and also consequently, the consumption of this nutrità © is useful and Should also be encouraged. For those who do not have diabetes, the fibers also help prevent the onset of the disease and also still provide satiety.

Try not to heat the oats because it is likely to lose small numbers of nutrients. Eat even four tablespoons of oatmeal a day.

Deep-sea and cold-water fish

Cold and deep water fish, such as salmon, sardines, tuna, horse mackerel and others, are beneficial to health because they are rich in omega 3. A search conducted by the University of Valencia in Spain analyzed the Consumption of mesocarp and also fish in 945 people between 55 and 80 years with sufficient cardiovascular risk and also found that consumption of fish, which is rich in omega 3, is associated with a lower incidence of diabetes level 2 and also the subtraction of concentration Of glucose, as the consumption of red mesocarp is related to obesity.

Scholars believe this is because increased fatty acid in skeletal mesocarp cells improves insulin sensitivity. Another study published by Harvard University noted that omega 3 prevents the diabetes genus of 2. This lipid increases the levels of a hormone called adiponectin that is beneficial in processes that affect metabolism such as blood sugar regulation and also inflammatory processes .

This obesity also helps prevent cardiovascular disease. “Diabetics, however, shelter but chances of developing genus of disease because the excess of glucose circulating in our blood, lead to an excessive rusting of abundant organs, particularly the blood vessels,” observes Navarro.

Yogurt without fat

Yogurts with a negligible fat clause are good alternatives for those who have diabetes. This is because this will reduce saturated fats, which in excess favor cardiovascular complications, which are of great concern to those with diabetes. “This delicacy is also rich in calcium. Studies indicate that a poor diet in this nutritional increases the accumulation of fats. As we think that one a a good part of the diabetic gender of 2 acquire the disease due to obesity, we observe that there is an indirect reciprocity between calcium and also Controlled Diabetes, “says Navarro.

Incidentally, calcium is also required for the maintenance of bones and also teeth. Yogurts are still rich in lactobacilli which contribute to the improvement of the


Almond is a great health option for those who have diabetes. This is because it is rich in good fats, monounsaturated and also polyunsaturated. Also, this oilseed meal contains good amounts of magnesium. “If the diabetic has a very high glucose crisis, it will be segregated in the pee and also together will leave small number of nutrients like magnesium. Consequently, it is imperative that diabetics who are not careful to replace magnesium, “explains Navarro.
A search published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care and also made with 500 millennium people however concluded that consumption of magnesium helps reduce the risk of diabetes of gender 2. The guidance is to consume up by returning four units of almonds in the day.


Legumes, such as beans, lentils, chick peas, and peas are good alternatives because they are rich in fiber, which will help decrease how quickly glucose is absorbed. In addition to being sources of proteins. Try to ingest up to two servings of legumes per day.

Functional flours

Functional flours such as blackberry, eggplant, green banana and also coconut, are beneficial for diabetics and also to prevent this disease. This is because they are rich in soluble fiber, which will avoid glycemic peaks and also, of insulin production. As for glycemic peaks and also for insulin the diabetics have, the greater the image deterioration. \\\\\\\\ “Green banana flour still stimulates the prolongation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora \\\\\\\\”, emphasizes Navarro.

Flaxseed and also chia

Chia and also flaxseed have soluble fibers that are related to prevention and are also good for people with diabetes. This is because, like all people and also not one of the fiber-rich foods, they will prevent glucose and insulin spikes from occurring. “In fact, they have omega-3 fatty acids that are profitable for those who have diabetes” , Emphasizes Navarro.

Yacon potato

A demand made by the University of Franca (UNIFRAN) in Sao Paulo, hi that the daily consumption of potato yacon is likely to help in the control of glycaemia in patients with diabetes level 2. This is because the delicacy is rich in a fructooligosaccharic The fibers in our organization.

A simple carbohydrate is likely to be swiftly ingested by the organization, increasing glucose rates and also insulin, as in the case of yacon potato saccharide the opposite occurs. The body can not break the molecules of this glucose so easily and also as a consequence the absorption is however slow.

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