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Learn to change your child’s diaper.

The Course I am going to be Father prepared these essential tips to make the task of changing diapers something super simple and without any mystery, prepared by the

Men are afraid to change diapers, it is normal the insecurity at the beginning due to lack of experience, but nothing to worry about.

First of all, prepare yourself.

You should wash your hands thoroughly and make sure everything you need is at your fingertips, never leave the baby alone to fetch anything.

The exchanger should always be in a safe place, there should be no risk of falling, everything should be close: warm water, cotton, rash ointment, clean diaper and trash can. It’s all right, let’s change.

Following is a step by step to change the baby’s diaper.

  1. Prepare it.

a. Open the diaper.

b. Lift the baby’s legs and fold the diaper down.

c. Remove excess dirt with the dirty diaper.

  1. Sanitize it.

a. Clean the baby very well to avoid rashes and infections.

b. Use warm water and cotton, then dry well.

c. At greater risk of contracting bacteria, girls should always be cleaned from front to back.

d. Wipes are not ideal because they leave the baby wet and cause allergy, this option should be only for emergencies.

e. I’m going to be a dad

  1. And then replace it.

a. Remove the dirty diaper underneath the baby and put the clean one.

b. Do not forget that the diaper should already be open, in the correct position, check the diaper first.

c. Be sure to rinse the ointment against rash, especially in areas where the diaper elastics will be in contact with the baby’s skin.

d. When closing the diaper, be careful not to over tighten the baby’s belly.

e. Throw away the dirty diaper.

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Other Course Tips I’m Going To Be Father.

Leave several diapers around at first because it’s a little tricky and if you mess it up or bend the tapes wrongly, you’ll need to have another hand.

It is advisable to have a change of clothes nearby, it may be that some dirt or some unforeseen small happen.

Have close the baby’s favorite toy might be useful to distract him.

Boys usually pee during the changeover, avoid being a victim of the jet by placing a folded cloth diaper.

It is very simple but, on a daily basis, complications can occur, the baby can cry, move a lot and try to escape. Keep in mind that perfection always comes with practice, there should be no panic, early exchanges may not be easy, but surely you will develop a technique that will work well with your baby.

Find the helpful tips and want to know more about caring for the little one?